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Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Anxious sleeper

Ask the doc: “How can I sleep better when I’m feeling anxious?”

A doctor discusses how to get to sleep when you’re feeling anxious.
Girl taking a nap

Take a nap or push on through?

 What’s in a nap? If you’re doing it right, napping brings a bunch of benefits: improved learning ability, memory, alertness, physical and mental stamina, and relief from stress. To avoid grogginess and other possible...

Ask the doc: Is it possible to get too much sleep?

 “Is it possible to get too much sleep?”—Ana, Towson, MarylandNot exactly. But are there circumstances in which the amount of sleep someone is requiring would be concerning? Yes.It’s common to meet with students who...
Hitting alarm clock

Ask the doc: I make sure to get enough sleep, but I still always...

“I make sure to get enough sleep, but I still always feel tired. Why could this be?”—Ariel, Lakewood, ColoradoThis is a very common dilemma. It can be helpful to determine whether you’re experiencing fatigue,...